Yusuf Maitama Sule University Courses and Fees For 2024/2025 Academic Sessions


Yusuf Maitama Sule University (YMSU) is a well-known and respected educational institution in Nigeria.

The university offers a wide range of degree courses across various disciplines, attracting students from diverse backgrounds.

In this blog post, we will explore the courses offered by YMSU and the tuition fees for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Courses Offered at Yusuf Maitama Sule University

YMSU offers a diverse range of courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The university’s academic departments are divided into faculties, with each faculty specializing in specific areas of study.

Here are some of the courses offered at YMSU:

1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

– English Language and Literature

– History

– Philosophy

– Fine Arts

– Theatre Arts

– Creative Writing

– Languages

2. Faculty of Science:

– Biology

– Chemistry

– Geology

– Mathematics

– Physics

– Statistics

– Computer Science

3. Faculty of Business and Management:

– Accounting

– Business Administration

– Finance

– Marketing

– Human Resource Management

– Public Administration

4. Faculty of Education:

– Educational Foundations

– Guidance and Counseling

– Early Childhood Education

– Primary Education

– Technical Education

– Adult and Continuing Education

5. Faculty of Engineering:

– Civil Engineering

– Electrical Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Chemical Engineering

– Environmental Engineering

– Surveying and Geoinformatics

6. Faculty of Law:

– Law

– Criminal Law

– Contract Law

– Property Law

– Constitutional Law

– Common Law

7. Faculty of Environmental Science:

– Environmental Science

– Botany

– Zoology

– Ecology

– Geography

– Forestry

8. Faculty of Health Sciences:

– Nursing

– Pharmacy

– Health Sciences

– Medical Laboratory Science

– Physiotherapy

– Occupational Therapy

9. Faculty of Agriculture:

– Agriculture

– Animal Science

– Crop Science

– Veterinary Science

– Fisheries Science

10. Faculty of Social Sciences:

– Political Science

– Sociology

– Economics

– Mass Communications

– Social Work

– Psychology

11. Faculty of Islamic Studies:

– Islamic Studies

– Islamic Law

– Islamic History

– Islamic Philosophy

– Islamic Education

Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano School Fees

School fees vary depending on your student status (new or returning) and your program of study.

  • New students: Expect fees to range between ₦35,000 and ₦120,000 per year. To get the exact amount for your program, visit the Yusuf Maitama Sule University website (https://yumsuk.edu.ng/).

  • Returning students: Fees typically range from ₦30,000 to ₦105,000 per year. The university website has the specific fees for your program.

It is important to note that the tuition fees are subject to change each year. It is advisable to visit the official website of YMSU or contact the university’s administration for the most up-to-date information regarding the tuition fees.


How much is the school fees for Maitama Sule university?

The school fees for Maitama Sule University ranges from 105K Naira to 150K Naira per year.

What are the medical courses in Yumsuk?

Yusuf Maitama Sule University (Yumsuk) offers the following medical courses:

  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery): This is the primary undergraduate medical degree program in Nigeria.

It is a six-year program that covers all aspects of medicine, including surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry.

Human Anatomy


Human Physiology

Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Community Medicine

What is the cut off mark for Maitama university?

The cut-off mark for Yusuf Maitama Sule University (YUMSUK) varies depending on the program you’re applying for and admissions cycle. However, here’s a general guideline:

  • JAMB UTME: The general cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 admission exercise is reported to be 170+. There may be variations for specific programs.

    • Medicine: The cut-off mark for Medicine can be as high as 235.


    • Tech & Science: Programs in Technology and Science may require a UTME score of at least 190.


    • Other Programs: Cut-off marks for other programs might range from 170 to 180.


In conclusion, Yusuf Maitama Sule University offers a wide range of degree courses across various disciplines. The tuition fees for these courses vary depending on the faculty and the level of study.

Students who are interested in studying at YMSU should carefully review the course offerings and contact the University for more detailed information.

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