Scoring 140 in JAMB? Here’s Your Guide to Universities That Might Accept You (2024/2025)

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) score is a crucial hurdle for Nigerian students aiming for university admission.

But what if your score falls around the 140 mark? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your university dreams are dashed! Several universities consider candidates with a 140 JAMB score, provided they meet other admission requirements. This guide will be your roadmap, listing universities that might accept a 140 cut-off mark and offering valuable tips to strengthen your application.

Understanding Cut-Off Marks

Universities in Nigeria set JAMB cut-off marks as a minimum threshold for admission consideration.

While 140 is the general minimum JAMB score for many universities, remember that this is just the first step. Here’s a breakdown:

  • JAMB Cut-Off Mark: This is the minimum score required to be eligible for a university’s post-UTME screening test (if applicable).
  • Post-UTME Screening: Many universities conduct their own screening tests to assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular program. This test may have its own cut-off mark, which can be higher than the JAMB cut-off mark.

Universities (Estimated) Accepting 140 JAMB Cut-Off Mark

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of some universities that may consider applicants with a 140 JAMB score.

It’s important to note that these are estimates based on previous years’ data. Always check the official university website for confirmed admission requirements for the 2024/2025 session:

  • Federal Universities:
    • Federal University Dutse (FUD)
    • Federal University Lafia (FULAFIA)
    • Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA)
    • Federal University Otuoke (FUOTUOKE)
    • Federal University Wukari (FUWUKARI)
    • (Many other Federal Universities may also consider 140, so research thoroughly)
  • State Universities:
    • Abia State University (ABSU)
    • Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU)
    • Bauchi State University Gadau (BASUG)
    • Bayelsa State University (BMU)
    • Benue State University (BSU)
    • Delta State University (DELSU)
    • Ebonyi State University (EBSU)
    • Ekiti State University (EKSU)
    • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)
    • Gombe State University (GSU)
    • Imo State University (IMSU)
    • Kebbi State University of Science and Technology Aliero (KSUSTA)
    • Kwara State University (KWASU) (competitive programs may have higher cut-offs)
    • Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK)
    • Rivers State University (RSU)
    • Sokoto State University (SSU)
    • Taraba State University (TASU)
    • Yobe State University (YSU)
    • (Many other State Universities may also consider 140, so research thoroughly)

Important Points to Remember

  • Meeting the JAMB cut-off mark doesn’t guarantee admission. Your performance in the post-UTME screening, your O’Level results (WAEC, NECO, etc.), and other factors like your chosen program will also be considered.
  • Highly competitive programs may have higher cut-off marks even within the same university. Research the specific cut-off mark for your desired program.

Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Accepted

Even with a 140 JAMB score, you can strengthen your application and increase your chances of admission:

  • Focus on Your O’Level Results: Strive for strong grades in subjects relevant to your desired program.
  • Prepare for the Post-UTME Screening: Research past screening test questions and practice tests for your chosen university and program.
  • Meet Other Admission Requirements: Each university may have additional requirements specific to programs. Check their website for details.
  • Consider Schools with Lower Competition: Research universities with less competitive admission processes, especially for your desired program.

Stay Updated!

The best way to stay informed about specific cut-off marks and admission requirements is to visit the official websites of your shortlisted universities closer to the application deadline. You can also follow their social media pages for announcements.


  1. Scoring a 140 JAMB score doesn’t limit your university options. With strategic planning, a strong application, and a focus on excelling in the

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