Kwara State University Cut Off Mark: All You Need to Know for 2024 Admission!

Dreaming of attending Kwara State University (KWASU)?

This prestigious university in Malete, Nigeria, offers a wide range of academic programs and is a top choice for many students.

But before you can apply, you’ll need to understand the KWASU cut off mark. This blog post will be your one-stop guide, providing everything you need to know about KWASU’s admission requirements and cut-off marks for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Understanding Cut-Off Marks

A cut-off mark is the minimum score you need to achieve in standardized tests (like JAMB) to be considered for admission to a particular program at a university.

Meeting the JAMB cut-off mark qualifies you to participate in the university’s post-UTME screening test, which may have its own cut-off mark.

KWASU Cut-Off Mark for 2024/2025

The good news is that KWASU has a general JAMB cut-off mark of 140 and above for the 2024/2025 academic session.

This means that if you score 140 or higher in your JAMB UTME exams, you’ll be eligible to apply for KWASU’s post-UTME screening exercise.

Important to Note:

  • While 140 is the general cut-off mark, some competitive programs may have higher cut-off points set by the individual departments.
  • Meeting the JAMB cut-off mark doesn’t guarantee admission. Your performance in the post-UTME screening and other factors like your O’Level results will also be considered.

KWASU Departmental Cut-Off Marks (Estimates)

While KWASU hasn’t released official departmental cut-off marks for 2024/2025 yet, here are some estimates based on previous years:

  • Highly Competitive Programs (e.g., Medicine & Surgery, Law, Pharmacy): 240 and above
  • Competitive Programs (e.g., Engineering, Nursing, Mass Communication): 200 – 230
  • Social Science & Humanities Programs: 180 and above

Remember, these are just estimates. To get the most up-to-date information on departmental cut-off marks, keep an eye on KWASU’s official website ( closer to the application deadline.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting into KWASU

Here are some tips to boost your chances of securing admission into KWASU:

  • Strive for a High JAMB Score: Aim for a score well above the general 140 cut-off mark. The higher your JAMB score, the better your chances.
  • Focus on Your O’Level Results: KWASU also considers your O’Level results (WAEC, NECO, etc.). Make sure you have strong grades, particularly in subjects relevant to your desired program.
  • Prepare for the Post-UTME Screening: Once you meet the JAMB cut-off, research past KWASU post-UTME questions and practice tests to improve your performance.
  • Meet Other Admission Requirements: KWASU may have additional admission requirements specific to your program. Check the university website for details.

KWASU Admission Timeline (Estimated)

While KWASU hasn’t released the official 2024/2025 admission timeline yet, it typically follows this pattern:

  • JAMB Registration: This usually happens between December of the previous year and February of the admission year.
  • KWASU Post-UTME Application: This typically occurs after JAMB registration closes and before the UTME exams.

Stay Updated!

The best way to stay updated on KWASU’s admission process, cut-off marks, and application deadlines is to visit their  official website  . Additionally, you can follow their social media pages for announcements.

KWASU Cut-Off Mark FAQs

1. What is the general JAMB cut-off mark for KWASU in 2024?

The general JAMB cut-off mark for KWASU in 2024 is 140 and above.

2. Are there departmental cut-off marks for KWASU?

Yes, some departments at KWASU may have higher cut-off marks than the general JAMB cut-off mark.



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