The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations are a significant Obstacle for Nigerian students aiming for university admission.

Beyond achieving a good score, understanding university cut-off marks is essential.

This comprehensive guide explores the concept of cut-off marks, how they’re determined, and provides resources to find specific cut-off marks for various universities in Nigeria (2024 edition).

What is a Cut-Off Mark?

A university cut-off mark is the minimum JAMB UTME score an institution requires for admission consideration into a particular program.

It serves as a benchmark to assess an applicant’s competitiveness for a limited number of slots in each program.

Who Sets the Cut-Off Marks?

The cut-off mark setting process involves collaboration between JAMB and individual universities. Here’s a breakdown:

  • JAMB Minimum Score: JAMB sets a minimum baseline score that all universities must consider. This minimum score can vary slightly year-to-year. For the 2024 admissions cycle, the minimum JAMB UTME score is 160.
  • University Discretion: Each university can set its own cut-off mark above the JAMB minimum score. This discretion allows universities to consider factors like the number of applicants, program competitiveness, and available spaces.

Factors Affecting University Cut-Off Marks

Several factors influence a university’s decision on cut-off marks:

  • Program Popularity: Competitive programs like Medicine, Law, and Engineering typically have higher cut-off marks due to a high number of applicants vying for limited slots.
  • University Capacity: The number of available spaces in a program can affect the cut-off mark. Universities with fewer available slots might set higher cut-off marks to manage applicant intake.
  • Performance of Applicants: The overall performance of applicants in a particular year can indirectly impact cut-off marks. If many applicants score exceptionally high, the cut-off mark might rise proportionally.

Finding Cut-Off Marks for Specific Universities

While there’s no single, centralized source for all university cut-off marks, here are some reliable ways to find them:

  • JAMB Official Website: JAMB might publish a compilation of minimum cut-off marks set by universities for the previous year (not always guaranteed). This can serve as a general guideline, but universities might adjust their cut-off marks for the following year.
  • University Websites & Admissions Portals: Many universities publish their cut-off marks on their official websites or dedicated admissions portals.
  • News & Educational Platforms: Reputable news outlets and educational platforms often compile and publish university cut-off marks based on past data and information from universities.

Important Considerations Regarding Cut-Off Marks

Understanding cut-off marks is crucial, but remember these key points:

  • Minimum Requirement, Not Guarantee: Meeting the cut-off mark doesn’t guarantee admission. There might be additional selection criteria like Post UTME screening scores or O’Level results.
  • Cut-Off Marks Can Change Year-to-Year: As mentioned earlier, university cut-off marks can fluctuate based on various factors.
  • Focus on Excelling: Aiming for a score significantly higher than the cut-off mark for your desired program increases your chances of admission.


Understanding university cut-off marks empowers you to make informed decisions about your university application strategy.

While cut-off marks are a crucial factor, remember that a holistic approach is key.

Strive for academic excellence, develop well-rounded skills, and explore all available resources to maximize your chances of securing admission to your dream university.

FAQs on Cut-Off Marks for Nigerian Universities

  1. What is the minimum JAMB UTME score required for admission into Nigerian universities (2024)?

The minimum JAMB UTME score for the 2024 admissions cycle is 160. However, individual universities can set their own cut-off marks above this minimum.

  1. Where can I find the cut-off mark for a specific university program?

You can find university cut-off marks on the university’s official website or admissions portal, JAMB’s website (past data might be available), or through reputable news and educational platforms.

  1. Does meeting the cut-off mark guarantee admission to my desired program?

No, meeting the cut-off mark is just one factor in the admissions process. Universities might consider additional criteria like Post UTME screening scores or O’Level results.

  1. What if the cut-off mark for my desired program is very high?

Focus on achieving a significantly higher score than the cut-off mark to improve your competitiveness

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