The Path to Protection: ICBC Motorbike Insurance Explained

The Path to Protection: ICBC Motorbike Insurance Explained

Riding a bike is the best way to truly appreciate British Columbia’s unadulterated, untamed beauty. You can enroll in ICBC Motorcycle Insurance, which is required for all motorcycle owners in British Columbia, Canada, to keep safe and prepared.

Motorcycle insurance from ICBC covers unplanned incidents including theft, accidents, and natural disaster damage. In the event that you cause an accident while exploring, liabilities, court fees, and motorbike repair costs are all paid for.

Actually, if you know that you are covered, the ups and downs of the Nature tracks won’t throw you off balance. Now let’s explore what ICBC motorcycle insurance entails:

Deciphering ICBC Motorbike Insurance: Safeguarding Your Vehicle, Safeguarding You

In the event of an accident, motorcycle insurance covers you, your ride, and your passengers. You can reduce the money you spend on medical expenses, maintenance, liabilities, and legal fees based on how often you ride motorbikes and the insurance plan you select.

Why Is Insurance for Motorbikes Important?

Every vehicle owner is required by the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) to carry liability insurance for the vehicle they operate on public roads and highways. Therefore, you must obtain insurance whether you use the motorcycle, moped, or scooter for daily travels or for excursions throughout the province.

Biking past the ocean and mountains is an experience not to be missed, as British Columbia boasts world-class tourism destinations. A motorbike, however, is a lighter vehicle, which increases the danger of accidents, theft, and natural disasters for you and your passengers. Thus, you may ride with total peace of mind even on bumpy roads if your motorcycle is fully insured.

Furthermore, if you drive in British Columbia while carrying your motorcycle insurance, you risk receiving a fine of $300 to $500.

What are the requirements to be eligible for motorcycle insurance from ICBC?

It’s easy to meet the requirements to obtain motorbike insurance in BC:

  1. A motorcycle with a motor larger than 50cc
  2. Three or two tandem wheels
  3. A licensed driver with a specific amount of experience

What Coverage Options Are Available with ICBC Motorbike Insurance?

A portion of the cost of repairs is covered by a basic motorbike insurance policy. Additionally, it pays out up to a certain amount if the accident causes harm to another person or his property.

The following is a summary of the following is what your ICBC Autoplan insurance policy covers:

1. Insurance Against Liability

Your protection for third party liability claims following an accident that you caused is up to $200,000.

2. Coverage for Accidents

In the event of an injury, motorcycle insurance in British Columbia covers additional expenditures in addition to medical bills and lost income.

3. Owner of an Uninsured Vehicle

If the other driver—who caused the accident—is not insured, your expenses are paid. If an uninsured driver causes an accident that results in injury or death, you may be eligible for coverage of up to $1 million.

4. Property Protection Against Hit-and-Run

You have coverage of roughly $200,000 if a hit-and-run incident damages your motorcycle or travel equipment.

The basic motorbike insurance is shown above. You can personalize your ICBC motorbike insurance policy to fit your needs and riding style.

What kind of motorcycle insurance is optional in British Columbia?

1. Coverage for Vehicle Damage

When the other driver is at fault for the collision, you can raise the repair/damage limit above $200,000 if you are a novice driver or own a pricey motorcycle.

2. Coverage for Third Parties’ Liability

Should you enjoy venturing down the most difficult pathways or need only the necessities to survive, paying for a third party’s medical or repair costs over the $200,000 cap may seem intolerable. Therefore, it’s best to plan ahead and enjoy your adventure to the fullest by just raising the bar.

3. Coverage for Property

If your trip involves pricey gear, you have the option to get insurance for it. It is vital to be insured in case of theft or accidents as they are not covered by your basic coverage.

Why Opt for Choice Insurance?

We offer top-notch insurance policies that fit your needs and price range. Insurance is complicated, even with the BC motorbike insurance calculator. in particular when contrasting costs, available coverage, and your individual requirements.


Speak with one of our knowledgeable Insurance Services consultants to receive a motorbike coverage policy that is customized to your needs. Get a Quote Right Now in BC, Canada for Motorbike Insurance.

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