How to Check Your NABTEB Results Online


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Today, we will be talking about how you can check your NABTEB results online.

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board, better known as NABTEB, is Nigeria’s national examination body.

It was established in 1992 to replace the defunct National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

NABTEB conducts examinations for Senior Secondary School students in technical and business education subjects.

The subjects include Electrical Installation, Electronics, Blocklaying, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing and Pipe Fitting, Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice, etc.

To check your NABTEB results, here are the steps:

  1. Visit NABTEB’s official website at Make sure you have your examination registration number handy before proceeding to the next step.
  2. On the homepage, locate and click the ‘Check Results’ option. This will direct you to the May/June results page or the November/December results page depending on when you sat for your examination.
  3. Select your examination year and series. For example, select ‘May/June 2019’ or ‘Nov/Dec 2018’. Then click ‘Check Result’.
  4. Enter your examination registration number and click ‘Submit’. Your results will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Check that all your personal details such as name, subject grades, and total score are correct. Download or print your results slip for your records.
  6. If there are any errors in your results, contact NABTEB immediately. Do not delay as there are deadlines for filing appeals or requesting re-marking of scripts.

How to Check Your NABTEB Results Online

When Will NABTEB Results Be Released in 2024?

NABTEB usually releases the results for the May/June examinations in October and results for the November/December examinations are released in March. The specific dates vary each year, but you can expect the results within this general timeframe.

To check your NABTEB results online, visit and click ‘Result Checker’ at the top of the homepage. You will need to enter your 10-digit examination number to access your results. Make sure you have your exam number on hand before trying to check your results.

Once you enter your exam number, your name, subject results, and scores will display on the screen. Your results will show ‘CREDIT’ for any subjects you scored 50% or higher, and ‘PASS’ for subjects you scored 45-49%. Subjects below 45% will show ‘FAIL’.

  • Your exam number is on your exam docket and admission letter. Keep these documents safe in case you need to reference them again.
  • Double-check that all personal details like your name and date of birth are correctly spelled before believing the results are truly yours. Mistakes can happen, so verify the information is accurate.
  • Print or take a screenshot of your results for your records as soon as possible. Results are not mailed to candidates and are only available online for a limited time.

If you have questions or concerns about your results, visit your exam center. They can check if there were any errors made during collation and input of scores. You have the right to request a re-mark of your scripts if you feel any subject was not marked fairly.

How to Check NABTEB Results Online

Now that the NABTEB results are out, you’re probably eager to check how you performed. The good news is, that NABTEB makes it easy to access your results online.

The following are tips on how to check your NABTEB scores on their website:

1. Visit NABTEB’s Official Website

Go to NABTEB’s official website at Make sure you’re on the authentic NABTEB website and not an imposter site. The URL should begin with “https” and the official NABTEB logo should be prominently displayed.

2. Click “Check Results”

On the homepage, click the “Check Results” button or link. This will take you to the May/June Examination Results page.

3. Enter Your Information

You will need to enter several details to access your personal NABTEB results. Have your examination and registration numbers handy, along with your full name as it appears on your registration documents. Carefully enter this information into the required fields.

4. View and Download Your Results

Once you’ve entered your registration details correctly, your NABTEB results will be displayed on the screen. You will see your scores for each subject, your overall grade, and other details. Check that all information like your name and subjects is correct. You have the option to download your results as a PDF document to print or save for your records.

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Checking your NABTEB scores online is quick and convenient. Be sure to access them as soon as they’re released to stay on track for any next steps like applying to higher institutions or the job market. And remember, if there are any issues with your results, contact NABTEB right away to get them resolved.

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