In this article, we will be talking about how you can calculate your CGPA.

Your CGPA is your cumulative grade point average, calculated based on the grades you’ve earned in all your courses. It’s important to calculate your CGPA because it shows an overview of your academic performance and progress.

The Importance of Your CGPA

The following are some importance of CGPA:

  1. It determines if you meet the requirements to continue your program or graduate. Most schools require a minimum CGPA, often 2.0-3.0, to stay in good standing.
  2. It can impact your eligibility for scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Many require a certain CGPA to apply or renew.
  3. It may be considered by employers and grad schools. A higher CGPA can make you a more attractive candidate, especially early in your career.
  4. It allows you to assess how you’re doing and make improvements. If your CGPA is lower than you’d like, you can focus on developing better habits and skills to boost your grades.

Tips to calculate your CGPA

The following are some tips to calculate your CGPA:

  1. Find your grade for each course and the number of credits or units for that course. For example, a 3-credit course in which you earned an A.
  2. Convert each letter grade to a grade point value: A = 4.0, A- = 3.7, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0, and so on.
  3. Multiply the grade points by the number of credits for each course. For example, an A (4 points) in 3 credits = 12 points.
  4. Add up all the grade points for each course to get your total grade points.
  5. Add up all the credits for the courses.
  6. Divide the total grade points by the total credits. The result is your CGPA.
  7. Check with your school to confirm the calculation and see your official CGPA on record.

When and Where to Check Your CGPA

The following are tips on where and when to calculate your CGPA:

1. You will first need to log in to your school’s student portal, whether that’s PowerSchool, Canvas, or another system. This is usually found on your school’s website. Enter your username and password – if you’ve forgotten either, you may need to contact your school’s tech support.

2. Once logged in, look for a section labeled “Grades“, “Academic Summary” or something similar. There you should find your CGPA. This will be represented by a number on a 4.0 scale, with 4.0 being the highest. A 3.0 CGPA means you have a B average, a 2.0 is a C average, and so on. Your school may show just your CGPA for the current year, or also provide your total CGPA which includes all years attended.

3. To fully understand your CGPA, check which courses and grades are included. Core classes like English, Math, and Science are typically counted, as are electives. Make sure there are no errors – if you earned an A in a class but see a B+, contact your teacher right away.

4. If your CGPA is lower than you expected, don’t panic. Meet with your guidance counselor to create an improvement plan for next year. You could also speak with your teachers about extra credit opportunities or ways to strengthen key skills over the summer. With hard work, you can boost your GPA by the next grading period.

How to Calculate Your CGPA 2024

The following are tips on how to calculate your CGPA 2023:

1. Gather Your Transcripts

The first step is to obtain official transcripts for all courses you’ve taken so far in your program. These will list the course names, credits or units, and the grade you earned in each class. You’ll need these to determine your GPA for each term.

2. Calculate Your GPA for Each Term

For each term, identify the credits for each course and the grade points for the letter grade earned. Add up the total grade points and divide by the total credits to get your GPA for that term. Do this for each term in your program.

3. Add Up Total Credits and Grade Points

Add up all the credits you’ve taken so far and all the grade points for each of those credits. This gives you your total credits and total grade points for your program to date.

4. Divide Total Grade Points by Total Credits

Take your total grade points and divide by your total credits. The result is your cumulative GPA. For example, if you have 120 total credits with 480 total grade points, your CGPA is 480/120 = 4.0.

5. Check How Your School Calculates CGPA

Some schools may calculate CGPA differently, weighing certain courses or terms more heavily. Review your school’s grading policies to ensure you’re calculating your CGPA correctly based on how they determine official GPAs. Your calculated CGPA may differ slightly from your official CGPA, but should still be fairly close.

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