Caritas University Courses and Fees 2024/2025 Session

Caritas University, located in Enugu, Nigeria, is a private university dedicated to providing students with a quality education grounded in Christian values.

If you’re considering attending Caritas University, you’re likely interested in their course offerings and fee structure.

This comprehensive guide will look into both, giving you a clear picture of what Caritas University has to offer.

Caritas University Courses

Caritas University boasts a diverse range of academic programs across various faculties, catering to a variety of interests and career aspirations.

Here’s a breakdown of the faculties and some of the courses they offer:

  • Faculty of Engineering:
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical/Electronics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences:
    • Architecture
    • Estate Management
    • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Faculty of Management & Social Sciences:
    • Accountancy
    • Banking & Finance
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • English Language
    • Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
    • Marketing
    • Mass Communication
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Sociology
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences:
    • Biochemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Mathematics & Statistics

Caritas University Fees

Caritas University fees vary depending on the faculty and program you choose. Here’s a general breakdown of the fee structure:

  • Tuition: The tuition fee ranges from N25,000 (around $60 USD) to N50,000 (around $120 USD) per semester.
  • Other Fees: In addition to tuition, students are responsible for several other fees, including:
    • Acceptance/Registration Fee
    • Library/Equipment Fee (varies depending on the program)
    • Accommodation Fee (optional)
    • Medical Treatment Fee
    • Campus Security Fee
    • Student Parliament Association (PSA) Fee
    • Hazard Fee
    • Sports Fee
    • ID Card Fee
    • Examination Fee

Total Fees per Semester:

The total cost per semester can range from approximately N131,500 (around $315 USD) for some Social Science programs to N242,500 (around $580 USD) for Engineering programs.

This cost covers tuition and most mandatory fees. Keep in mind that this is an estimate; you can find the exact fee structure for your desired program on the Caritas University website.

Important Points to Consider:

  • The fees mentioned above are subject to change. It’s advisable to check the Caritas University website for the latest fee structure.
  • Caritas University offers a payment plan that allows students to pay their fees in two installments per semester.
  • There may be additional costs for textbooks, course materials, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Financing Your Education at Caritas University

Caritas University understands that financing your education can be challenging.

They offer various financial aid options to help students manage the cost of attendance. Here are some resources to explore:

  • Scholarships: Caritas University offers merit-based and need-based scholarships to deserving students.
  • Loans: Students can explore loan options from government agencies or private lenders.
  • Work-Study Programs: The university may have work-study programs that allow students to earn money to offset educational expenses.

For detailed information on financial aid options, contact the Caritas University financial aid office.

Beyond Courses and Fees

Caritas University offers a vibrant campus life with various clubs, organizations, and social events.

They also have a chaplaincy service that provides spiritual guidance and support to students. The university places a strong emphasis on developing well-rounded individuals prepared for academic and professional success.

FAQs on Caritas University Courses and Fees

1. What are the most popular courses offered at Caritas University?

Caritas University offers a wide range of courses, but some of the most popular ones include Business Administration, Nursing Science, Computer Science, Engineering programs, and Mass Communication.

2. How much does it cost to attend Caritas University?

The total cost per semester can range from approximately N131,500 (around $315 USD) to N242,500 (around $580 USD) depending on the program.


Caritas University provides a comprehensive educational experience with a variety of programs and a supportive environment. By carefully considering the courses offered, fees, and financial aid options, you can determine if Caritas University is the right fit for you. We recommend reaching out to the university’s admissions office for further guidance and information.

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