Best Solution Polytechnic, Akure: School Fees Explained for Students (2024/2025)

Best Solution Polytechnic, Akure: School Fees Explained for Students

Choosing the right polytechnic is a big decision, and understanding the financial commitment is crucial.

This blog post explain the school fees structure at Best Solution Polytechnic (BSP), Akure, to help you plan your education expenses effectively.

Understanding BSP’s School Fees

BSP offers a transparent fee structure with clear breakdowns. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  • Basic Tuition Fee: This is the core fee applicable to all students across all departments. According to the BSP FAQs [FAQ on Best Solution Polytechnic website], the basic tuition fee for the 2023/2024 academic session is N80,000 (Nigerian Naira).
  • Additional Fees for Specific Departments: Students enrolled in programs within the School of Engineering Technology and the School of Applied Science will incur an additional N10,000 to cover practical expenses. This additional fee reflects the increased focus on hands-on learning in these programs.

Example Breakdown of School Fees

Let’s consider two scenarios to illustrate the fee structure:

  • Scenario 1: Student in Business Administration Program
    • Basic Tuition Fee: N80,000
    • Since Business Administration is not part of the School of Engineering Technology or Applied Science, there are no additional fees.
    • Total Fees: N80,000
  • Scenario 2: Student in Computer Science Program
    • Basic Tuition Fee: N80,000
    • Computer Science falls under the School of Applied Science.
    • Additional Fee for Practicals: N10,000
    • Total Fees: N80,000 (Basic Tuition) + N10,000 (Practicals) = N90,000

Additional Fees to Consider

While tuition fees are a significant expense, there are other costs to factor in:

  • Acceptance Fee: This is a one-time fee paid by newly admitted students to secure their place at BSP. The specific amount is not readily available on the BSP website, so it’s recommended to contact the admissions office for confirmation.
  • Accommodation: The blog post doesn’t mention if BSP offers on-campus housing. If you plan to live on campus, research the hostel fees. If you choose off-campus housing, factor in rent, utilities, and other living expenses.
  • Textbooks and Course Materials: The cost of textbooks and other learning materials can vary depending on your program. Budget for these expenses as well.
  • Examination Fees: There might be specific fees associated with examinations or practical assessments. Check with the admissions office for details.
  • Student Union Fees: You might be required to pay a nominal fee to join the student union, which provides various benefits and activities.

Tips for Managing School Expenses

Here are some strategies to manage your education expenses at BSP:

  • Research Scholarships and Financial Aid: BSP might offer scholarships or financial aid programs to deserving students. Explore these options by contacting the admissions office or financial aid department.
  • Explore Payment Plans: BSP might offer installment plans to help spread out the tuition fee burden.
  • Budget Wisely: Create a detailed budget to track your income and expenses. Prioritize needs over wants and look for ways to save on non-essential costs.
  • Seek Part-Time Work: Consider taking on a part-time job to generate income and contribute towards your education expenses.


Understanding the fee structure at Best Solution Polytechnic, Akure, empowers you to make informed financial decisions.

By planning and exploring various options, you can overcome financial hurdles and focus on achieving your academic goals at BSP.

Additional Resources:

  • Best Solution Polytechnic Website:
  • FAQs on Best Solution Polytechnic website: [FAQ on Best Solution Polytechnic website] (Look for the section on fees)

We hope this blog post has been informative.

If you have any further questions about school fees or other financial aspects at BSP, don’t hesitate to contact the admissions office or the financial aid department.

Please Note: This blog post is based on publicly available information and is intended for informational purposes only. The exact fees and financial aid options might change.

Always refer to the official BSP website or contact the relevant departments for the latest information.

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